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26/Female/New Brunswick, Canada

Did art all through school, but gave it up come university. Now picking it up again. Considering doing a BFA or BA majoring in Visual Arts in the nearish future.

Love old school tattoos, impressionist paintings, realism, digital paintings, typography, graphic design, and horror. Posting a mix of my own work and pieces I find and love.

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~ Tuesday, January 31 ~


This is what came of this evening’s art time. First is from my journal, did up a [very messy] sample for an idea I had for a piece, or possible series of pieces. Actual version will have the centre silhouette black, possibly some colour, though I’m undecided on that. Side note, this piece actually has some meaning behind it, which is weird for me, my art is rarely anything deep or meaningful.

The second is a Moleskine notebook I decorated. Got them really cheap ages ago, specifically to decorate. Stamped this one, which didn’t turn out too well, so I decided to ink over it. Started, then set it aside partway in and forgot about it. Remembered it a few days ago, so I spent a couple of evenings this weekend working on it, and I finished it tonight. Colours added to the geisha with my Copics, I rather like the subdued grey tones that come through from the background colour.

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~ Thursday, April 14 ~
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